How to Use the 5 Love Languages for Self-Care [Part 1 of 5]

This will be the first post in a series, dedicated to Treat Yo'Self Tuesday!

Have you ever heard of The 5 Love Languages?  If not, you should definitely click the link and look up the info.  It's a great categorization of how perceive love as it is given and received, broken down into 5 categories.  There's even an assessment that you can take to figure out what language(s) you use to express your love or what you expect when being loved.

I've taken the assessment.  (I may even take it again, since it's been years!).  And I think it's important to discover your language(s) as you relate to others, but what may be equally important is turn these methods of love communication inward.

Show yourself some love in 5 different ways!

The 5 Languages are:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Acts of Service
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Quality Time
  5. Physical Touch

Today, let's touch on Words of Affirmation.  When you express love through words of affirmation, you use words to state a truth about someone or uphold them.  What if you spoke words of affirmation to yourself?  What would happen if you began to state a truth about yourself that you didn't previously believe?  How powerful the change would be in your life!  As I stated in the post About This Blog, self-care is about the action that you take to improve your mental and physical health.  Why not start with a few Words of Affirmation to kick start your self-care routine?

Next Tuesday, we'll talk about "Acts of Service".  Meanwhile, feel free to share what Words of Affirmation you'll whisper to yourself over the coming weeks. <3


 Photo Credit:  SureShsnaps

Photo Credit: SureShsnaps

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